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Tag: "men’s basketball"

Junior college recruit to take look at Hawks on Friday

[ 0 ] March 26, 2014

Junior college forward Willie Atwood knows very little about the Iowa men’s basketball program or the University of Iowa, but he also appreciates feeling wanted.

Pat Harty: Nothing came easy for this year’s Hawkeye men

[ 0 ] March 24, 2014

There is no way to sugarcoat or spin what happened to the 2013-14 Iowa men’s basketball team.

Pat Harty: Iowa’s season rides on one game

[ 0 ] March 18, 2014

Under most circumstances, one victory wouldn’t make or break a college basketball season.

50 Photos: Best of Iowa men’s basketball

[ 0 ] March 17, 2014

Pat Harty: Remember all the Hawkeyes who didn’t get this far

[ 0 ] March 16, 2014

Regardless if some fans aren’t willing to admit it, the Iowa men’s basketball team is part of March Madness for the first time in seven years.

Pat Harty: Would a matchup with UCLA light a fire under Hawks?

[ 0 ] March 15, 2014

Memo to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Selection Committee:

Pat Harty: It’s too late to start pointing fingers now

[ 0 ] March 14, 2014

Fran McCaffery has thrived as a college basketball coach for more than two decades by rebuilding struggling programs one carefully planned step at a time.

Pat Harty: Iowa fans optimistic about tournament run

[ 0 ] March 13, 2014

Brothers Marc and Corey Morris both felt strongly that they had to attend the Big Ten Tournament this week.

Pat Harty: Health issue puts everything else into perspective

[ 0 ] March 11, 2014

Iowa fans were reminded Tuesday afternoon that losing five out of six basketball games isn’t that serious in the big scheme of things.

Hawks pick up second recruit of the weekend

[ 0 ] March 9, 2014

Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery has struggled to win games lately, but that hasn’t stopped him from winning recruiting battles.